Tuesday, February 24, 2015

74: Raspberry Pi B 2 and "Real Time"

Many posts ago (50 & 54) I complained that the otherwise convenient Linux multiprocessing overhead could screw up getting time-critical readings from certain sensors. I don't have a Pi 2 yet but with a quad processor that problem may be history. I'll let you know when I find out.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

72: Raspberry Pi 2 as a "PC"

So if you already have a monitor (HDMI or DVI -- forget others), USB keyboard & mouse and $100 you can have a desktop Linux that is now (with the new ARM7) very responsive. Still no Adobe Flash support but otherwise...

What do you need?

* Pi 2 $35 (?)
* 16gb micro SD $25
* Wifi USB plug $15
* Powered USB hub (more ports + power for the Pi) $20
* HDMI cable $5 (or HDMI to DVI: $25)
* Case for Pi $10 (and up)

Most of the apps PC or Mac users are used to will be available with Linux, but with different names & they will be quirky. Here's an analogy with hiking trail difficulty: out East where it's fairly flat they use these terms--

1. Easy
2. Easy/Moderate
3. Moderate
4. Moderate/Difficult
5. Difficult

Changing to Linux has to be a 2.5, at least.