Sunday, January 18, 2015

71: My Pi as a Time Lapse Camera

I used raspistill taking 1 still per minute. Moved the JPEGs to my Mac and turned it into MP4 at 10fps. 450 minutes crunched to 45 seconds.

The .mov clip below is seriously down-sampled.

Noon to Sunset
Nothing much happening.

This command on the Pi took the stills:

  raspistill -w 1280 -h 720 -tl 60000 -o i%04d.jpg -t 28000000

(Having to time everything in milliseconds is tiresome.)

On my iMac this converted the stills to MP4/10 frames-per-second:

  ffmpeg -r 10 -i i%04d.jpg clip.mp4

I could have done this step on the Pi but it would have taken a lot longer. BTW: the video quality from this step was very good -- not like the above.

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