Thursday, March 24, 2016

95: Computer Farming

If you've followed my blogs you'll know that I involved myself in the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Particle Photon initially help grandchildren who insist on farming. Covered in earlier posts.

I've recently come across the dirtless farming work done at MIT. See--


The MIT system is open source so I visited their github site and downloaded the source code. Interesting. There's a bit of overlap with my much more modest setup. I haven't finished snooping, but it appears that I have used the same sensors as they have -- temperature, humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture, irrigation switching. For testing, I have also programmed a CO2 gas sensor and photo sensor. They also have code for a pH sensor. I've been thinking about that one. There's a big range of prices.

Their system utilizes Arduino Megas and a Raspberry Pi. My system uses Photons and a Raspberry Pi. Note: the Photon is as powerful as a Mega. Because of the Photon's "cloud" my Pi is 100 miles away.

Anyway. Their setup is worth studying.

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