Thursday, January 9, 2014

Interesting Pi-Related Web Retailers
A site with a large variety of interesting stuff, especially sensors -- some that I haven't found anywhere else. These include devices for detecting various kinds of gas leaks. Also seemingly low prices on some items -- e.g.: PIR motion detector for $3.95. They also have a huge variety of power supplies, junction boxes, motors, etc.
As the name suggests, this is a tool for remote medical diagnosis. The site claims that up to 10 biometric sensors can be simultaneously attached. If the patient and doctor both have broadband and webcams then the patient could seemingly have an "office visit" without going to the office. The site claims that the "platform" (their term) is available for order starting 1/7/2014 for 450. Add a well-equipped Pi and the whole remote setup would be under $750. Chickenfeed next to the current market. It also occurs to me that their platform contains all the sensors that one would associate with traditional lie detectors!

. . .

Standard disclaimer: I have no financial interest in either of these outfits and I have no information on their reliability. However, I have ordered a few things from mpja and I will report back if I learn anything interesting.

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