Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Post 44: New Stuff

I guess my habit is serious. I just got my second Model B, Rev 2 Raspberry Pi (so I can have a "stable" one and one to mess with).

I received the order from www.mpja.com (mentioned in the previous post). Delivery was quick and everything worked (but the default delivery by UPS Ground is pricey -- I switched to U.S. Mail).

I particularly like the tiny PIR detector -- about 1/2" across, $3.95.
Note that the connector pins point straight back. The whole thing will fit inside a 3/4" OD plastic tube. It lacks adjustment pots but works with my existing software.

Now I've ordered this breadboard and connector:
The GPIO pins are labeled. Plus 3.3v, 5v and Ground are already connected to the edge rails. And unlike other such connectors, only one row of pins are covered up. I could wish it was less than $19.95.

Things I'd like to have:
1. A selection of longer Pi camera ribbon cables. The camera works fine but the 15 cm wire is a pain. 
2. A way to get from the solderless (but easily messed up) breadboard to something secure (if not permanent). Soldering a proto-board will be a chore. Maybe there could be a breadboard that works like a zif connector -- flip the lever and the jumper wires are clamped solidly. Eh?

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