Tuesday, November 10, 2015

92: Stamp Out Loose Breadboard Wires
-- revised: Nov 25, 2015 --

I hate pulled-loose wires, also not fond of soldering. So, browsing Aliexpress I found 2 possibly useful devices: 8-wire screw terminal strips (I got 4) and a bunch of 2-wire spring clips.

Terminal Strip, Photon (imagine this with a T-cable from a Pi), Spring Clips

Anyway, I like both connectors. The screw strip is a tad over-kill. I probably won't run 220v through it. I particularly like the spring clips -- they are pretty strong. And flexible in number. And cheap: $1.30 for 10 pair.  REVISED: I tried getting more than 1 wire clamped in a single spring clip -- Sorry, not reliable (and not very useful, otherwise)!

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