Sunday, December 13, 2015

93: More About Secure Wiring

Way back in post 59 I discussed "Bare Conductive Electric Paint." I hoped to be able to draw circuits on paper with the stuff. Well, not quite. But it was a sort of conductive glue (slow drying and not very strong).

Anyway, the stuff has stiffened up in the tube to where it won't come out the narrow spout anymore, but now I have a new use: sticking breadboard wires M-to-F or M-to-breadboard. Just dip the wire (M) end in the "paint" and insert as usual. And after 20 minutes the connection will be pretty secure and the contact will be good. Also, since the glue isn't too strong, you can get it out if you need to make a change.

Note that wisely, most glue is insulating, not conductive -- probably a good idea.

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